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I am an Ice Cream fanatic! I like to have ice cream for dessert but always shoot for under 150 calories and 6g of fat. My Ultimate favorite ice cream dessert is Skinny Cow strawberry shortcake Sandwiches.

150 calories and 2g of fat for each sandwich! They have So many different ice creams to choose from but that is at the top of my list. If I don't have any and don't want to go into a store, my next favorite would be Mcdonalds vanilla reduced fat ice cream cone. Always hits late night Ice cream cravings and I don't feel guilty afterwards. =]

Fiber one!
A healthy Diet needs Fiber! I eat lots of fiber throughout the day and Fiber One products make it easy to get my daily amount and everything is delicious! I Love their bars, especially Oats and Peanut butter and Oats and Caramel! As well as their Cereals...Fiber one Original,(60 calories 1/2 cup and 1g of fat!) Caramel Delight and and brand new 80 calorie honey squares! 80 calories for 3/4 cup and 1g of fat! Can't beat that! Yummmmm!

Tortilla's Tortilla's!! 
ezekiel Tortillas! Never tried these before but my brother had an extra one so I decided to make a veggie quesadilla with it. These babies are amazing! Extremely healthy and delicious!!

 The only other tortilla I use would be La Tortilla low carb high fiber . I get the Large tortillas and they only have 80 calories each and 3g of fat as well as 12g of fiber! Thats what I'm talking about!